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results in clear advantages for our candidates when

we have a search that matches the candidate's


The attributes of working with a retained search consultant: 


  • We are managing the search exclusively for the client.

  • We are free to market the search and the organization, and are well-versed on the needs of the position and how it will contribute to the organization’s strategic plan. 

  • We have become an extension of the client’s management team and/or BOD during the assignment. 

  • Our search is an important element of the client’s strategic plan.   

  • Client’s usually use retained search for their higher level positions. 


The limitations of our retained search business model from a

candidate’s perspective:


  • We cannot take a strong candidate and immediately find a job for them or start presenting them to possible clients—unless we concurrently have an assignment that matches. 

  • We are so focused on our current assignments that it is difficult for us to get to know who would like to set up a discussion. 







For candidates that fit one of our deep practices

(e.g. mortgage, cap mkts, and real estate based industries),

it’s smart to get into our system so that when we have an

assignment that matches, we will find those candidates

quickly and have some history/context in our files.  


Interested in becoming a member of our database of

executives to be considered for new assignments?


Please click here to complete the Candidate Contact Form.


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