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Retaining Conway & Greenwood  =  Your Success

We are Different

and Exceptional

We are


We are Responsive

and Honest

We deliver


  • Both our candidates and clients constantly tell us that no other search firm delivers the professionalism and performance that we deliver on each search.

  • We become a trusted advisor to our clients and a credible third party to our candidates.

  • We use our proven approach to attract higher caliber candidates that make exceptional team members. 



  • With experience in leadership, we have sat in your chair, led large organizations, and hired many key executives.

  • This credibility allows us to offer appropriate perspectives to both our clients and candidates throughout the process.

  • Our goal is to always bring wisdom to both parties so the best decisions are made.  



  • We appreciate the responsibility placed on us for your important search and we know the assignments are time sensitive.

  • Our role is often to encourage the client to keep the process moving forward and to keep all parties informed.

  • We represent our client’s particularly well to the candidates, for which we hear appreciation, especially in comparison to the largest search firms. 



  • Our practice is focused on delivering results.

  • We are in the business of delighting our clients and developing long-term relationships where we become a truly trusted partner that delivers time-and-time again.

  • We take on a limited number of searches each year and can apply more focus, time, effort, and attention on recruiting the very best market leaders for our clients.


Professionalism  |  Performance  |  Integrity

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